Fall 2010 ArizMATYC Conference

Pima Community College - Northwest Campus

Campus Reports

A Model to Address Diverse Learning Needs in Developmental Mathematics
Presenter: Maria Wise, Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Advantages of technology such as a Tablet PC and video recording software for math instruction |presentation|
Presenter: Robert Foth, Pima Community College, Northwest Campus

Alternative Assessments in Mathematics for Community College Students |handout|
Presenter: Ron Woggon, Pima Community College - Downtown Campus 
Google, You, and your teaching
Presenters: Luvia Rivera, Estrella Mountain Community College & Natalie Rivera, Estrella Mountain Community College
Is the Derivative a Function? Natural Language Structures that Help and Hurt Student Understanding
Presenter: Jessica Knapp, Pima College, Northwest Campus
Refreshing Mixture Problems in College Algebra and Finite Mathematics |handout|
Presenter: David Graser, Yavapai College
Round Table Discussion on Prerequisites for MAT 142
Presenter: Kathryn Kozak, Coconino Community College
Some Theorems About Mutually Externally Tangent Circles |presentation|handout1|
Presenter: Frank Attanucci, Scottsdale Community College
Structured Out-of-Class Experiences for Mathematics Courses |presentation|handout1|handout2|
Presenter: Sue Jensen, Pima Community College, East Campus




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