Spring 2009 ArizMATYC Conference

February 20, 2009 at Paradise Valley Community College

The theme of this ArizMATYC will be developmental math. We have invited several vendors to share with us what they have available to assist the developmental student. The keynote will be on PVCC’s IStartSmart Program, a developmental math initiative. We invite you to submit a proposal to share what your college is doing to help developmental students succeed. Please contact Stephen Nicoloff by Friday, Feb. 13 to give a talk (include title, abstract and technology needs).


PVCC is located in north Phoenix at the corner of 32nd street and Union Hills. If you are planning on staying overnight in Phoenix there are some nearby hotels.



Please RSVP by email to Stephan Nicoloff (stephen.nicoloff@pvmail.maricopa.edu) that you will be attending. We will collect the $10 registration fee on Friday, February 20.


The schedule for the day is:

8:30 – 10:00 am Articulation Task Force Meeting
9:30-10:15 am Registration and Coffee in the Book Room
10:15 am – 12:00 pm Welcome, Campus Reports and Keynote
12:00-1:30 pm Lunch Break (on your own at nearby restaurants)
1:30-2:20 pm Breakout Sessions I & ArizMATYC Business Meeting
2:30-3:20 pm Breakout Sessions II
3:20-3:40 pm Break
3:40-4:30 pm  Breakout Sessions III


ARIZMATYC BUSINESS MEETING MINUTES:  Friday, February 20, 2009 Paradise Valley Community College, Phoenix AZ  2:30 PM


In attendance: Ken Hurley (President, Central Arizona College); Alicia Adamson (Pima); Barbara Armenta (Pima); Eli Blake (NPC); Anne Dudley (GCC); David Dudley (SCC); John Hagood (NAU); Sue Jensen (Pima); Kate Kozak (CCC); Joe Sueyoshi (PCC).


  1. The minutes were shown on the screen.

One typo was pointed out.The minutes were tabled until the next meeting.

  1. Anne Dudley  distributed the treasurer’s report.

 It shows that we have $8362.53 cash on hand. This represents a net decrease of $388.83 from the fall, mainly due to the cost of sending two delegates to AMATYC. There was some discussion about what we will spend money on this year. Last year two of the four delegates declined the money because their institutions had supported their trip. This year we expect that it is likely that all four will need the money. The AMATYC conference this year will be in Las Vegas.There was also a discussion about helping people whose institutions have frozen their travel to make it to the fall meeting in Flagstaff. The proposal was floated to allow the President to allocate up to $500 to help people with their travel. After further discussion this was tabled but we may want to help them with their expenses for the spring meeting (which will be held jointly with MAA in Mesa or Scottsdale.) Terri Glaes is the section chair but due to her illness MAA will need to appoint a new section chair.

  1. The fall meeting will be held in Flagstaff on October 2.

There was some discussion about scheduling. The consensus is to schedule it between 10:00 and 3:00, but there was some discussion about people not being able to attend talks due to the ATF and the business meeting, but it was also pointed out that not everyone there is a member of ATF.

  1. We needed 2 new state delegates.

Kate Kozak is volunteering to be one. She was elected. David Dudley was nominated as a state delegate.  There was discussion of the fact that state delegates are required to write an article for the newsletter.He was elected.

  1. The webpage was revised.

Ken Hurley pointed out that the link to David Dudley does not go through.

  1. There is a question about whether we want to update the math directory.

Anne Dudley suggested that Kate Kozak and Dave Graser work together to update the directory this year. During the discussion it was suggested that they color code for ArizMatyc membership. There was also a discussion about whether the newsletter is still being looked at. Maybe we can talk to David about redesigning the newsletter to show people the first paragraph of articles earlier to see if people will read it more.

  1. It was suggested that we collect a survey over placement and what people are using and how it is working.


  1. By the end of April we should know about the student math league. This year, Pima college came in ninth in the first round.


  1. ArizMatyc was focused on in the national AMATYC newsletter. AMATYC is reorganizing their website, and might look at having a ‘members only’ section, and their newsletter should be electronic.


  1. None of us have MAT for elementary teachers in our AGEC math component.  

The question was railed as to whether we could suggest that colleges include it as an option. ECE (Early Childhood Education) has suggested pulling the math out and putting  it into the ‘optional’ category.It would stay in their degree, so it will stay in their degree options.

  1. The meeting was adjourned at 3:23

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